Monday, 20 February 2012

Main Task Filming Progress

Monday 13th Febuary- 

This was the day my group and I aimed to film the scenes featuring all our actors as well as all the scenes including our main prop , the car. We began early and almost immediately ran into problems as we could not film in all areas we wanted due to unforeseen circumstances ; Along with this in the run up to filming 3 out of 4 of the original actors specified in our pitch either pulled out or were unable to film and so we subsitituted with our new charater's Lizzy and Huw as well as  Tabatha from our group who subsituted for us to see if we could complete filming.

Tuesday 14th Febuary -

I was unable to film this day as i was Ill but my group were amazing and got a good bulk of establishing shots filmed which has given us a good amount to work with for the final cut.

Overall we decided that the footage we got from the 13th was not appropriate and that we would have to refilm it with better planning , although this is unforseen and pushes back editing slightly it is key to improve the quality of our finished product.

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