Saturday, 4 February 2012

Main Task Location Research

With our story board in place we have been looking into locations ideas , as you can see from our storyboard below we feuture opening shots of woodland areas as well as the fact our driving scenes and layover location will all be in wood like areas.

For our opening shots we have decided a large woods named The Thicket will be a good place to get a good range of shots as it is such a large area with many different area's; as well as this it would be easily accesible for us to film but with this in mind we would have to avoid capturing the genral public on camera as it would ruin the isolated feeling we want to create in our opening.

For the more wild areas of woods we may feauture we woud go deeper into the less frequented areas in order to craete an even more isolated horror feel. When it comes to ideas for filming our car scenes there is another area we feel would be perfect as there is a long straight road as well as a pull in area , the only concequence is that this area is very popular for dog walking and so we would have to be very careful to not capture the public as it would ruin the eery feel we aim for.

Here are some pictures of different areas within the thicket.

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