Saturday, 4 February 2012

Main Task - Name Of Film

As a group we have decided to name our film Out Of Service. I suggested this name to the group as i felt the idea of the phone going missing as well as our character's being stuck in the woods linked into the idea of being out of main areas thus loosing service.

This title came about after we developed our ideas of plot linking it more to the idea of threatening texts which would suit the teen aspect of our genre really well. Often in these times unfortunately cyber bullying can happen , we have tied this in to our film in a much more sinister way and i feel the title shows influence from our idea's in an interesting way.

As well as this the title gives the suggestion that our protaganists will be unable to call for help and are truely isolated from the modern world making the storyline more thrilling and horror like.
We feel our title creates enigma but suits the type of film we aim to make as for example it is not a one word title that is common with hollywood hit movies.

I am very glad we came to this decision and feel the title has a good amount of depth to it.

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