Wednesday, 8 February 2012

British Board of Film Classification Ratings (BBFC)

In the world of film it is important to classify who the film is suitable for in order to create a sense of organisation and to make sure the audience watching the film is suited to it's content.
In order to guide our opinion on what we should rate our film as we decided to research the classifications and there definitions; below are the classifications.

UUniversalAll ages admitted, there is nothing unsuitable for children over 4.
PGParental GuidanceAll ages admitted, but certain scenes may be unsuitable for
children under 8. May contain mild language and sex/drugs
references. May contain moderate violence if justified by
context (e.g. fantasy).

12A12ACinema only. Introduced in 2002.Films under this category are
considered to be unsuitable for very young people. Those aged
under 12 years are only admitted if accompanied by an adult,
aged at least 18 years, at all times during the motion picture.
However, it is generally not recommended that
children under 12 years should watch the film. Films under this
category can contain mature themes, discrimination, soft drugs,
moderate swear words, infrequent strong language and
moderate violence/sex references.
1212Home media only since 2002. 12A-rated films are usually
given a 12 certificate for the VHS/DVD version unless
extra material has been added that requires a higher rating.
Nobody younger than 12 can rent or buy a 12-rated VHS,
DVD, Blu-ray Disc, UMD or game. Films in his category
may include infrequent drugs, infrequent use of strong
language, brief nudity, discreet sexual activity,
and moderate violence.
1515Only those over 15 years are admitted.Nobody younger
than 15 can rent or buy a 15-rated VHS, DVD,
Blu-ray Disc, UMD or game,or watch a film in the cinema
with this rating. Films under this category can contain
adult themes, hard drugs, strong language and one use of
very strong language, moderate-strong violence/sex references,
and undetailed sex activity.
1818Only adults are admitted.Nobody younger than 18 can rent or
 buy an 18-rated VHS, DVD, Blu-ray Disc, UMD or game, or
watch a film in the cinema with this rating. Films under this
category do not have limitation on the bad language that is used.
Hard drugs are generally allowed, and strong violence/
sex references along with strong sexual activity is also allowed.
Scenes of strong real sex may be permitted if justified by
the context.

We decided as a group that our film should be classified as a 15 as that is the market in which we want to target , along with this it will allow us a bit more of an open range on what we can include without having to censor anything to suit a younger audience. With that in mind we felt our film would not be able to be classed as an 18 as it would not feuture such stong gore references.
Also if we made it an 18 alot of our target market would not be able to view the film which would defeat the point.

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