Monday, 12 March 2012

Film Sypnopsis

Together as a group we set out key points for our sypnopsis of the film in order to work out what would happen in the whole film so we could narrow down what we wanted to include in our opening here are details of the overall plot as well as the opening 2 minutes.

Overall film synopsis:
Three teenagers take a road trip to Brighton for a weekend away, however on the way their car breaks down and they are forced to spend the night in an unknown wooded area. Here they receive text messages from one of the characters phone, that he lost whilst in the wood, but when they try to call for help they do not have signal. As the film progresses each character goes missing with the implication being that they are being murdered by the writer of the text messages. The film ends with just one character left. 

 Specifically the opening two minutes:

We begin our film with establishing shots of a wooded area , from the ofset this creates a spooky atmosphere for us to build on in the opening.Our ending cuts abruptly to the inside of a car to introduce us to the main protagonists of the film; Lizzy , Nina and Harry.

They drive along an isolated road excited for the trip ahead of them and clearly unaware of any possible danger although Harry soon demands they pull over so he can take a "piss".

He is shown to drop his phone without noticing as he heads back to the car as he inturupts the girls deep conversation by scaring them.

As he gets back into the car it becomes apparent the car won't start , at this point the lack of phone is noted by Harry and a text is recieved by both girls from Harry's phone , which considering he has not got his phone seems almost impossible... 

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