Thursday, 29 March 2012

Main Task - Editing

We have been constantly editing since the completion of our filming , we have all taken part in the editing process to make sure all our talents are put to use and also that we are all included in the work.
Editing has gone smoothly and we have learnt alot of new techniches in which we never knew before.

We are very near to an end and have fine tuned our peice to come to something we are happy with.

A last minute addition to our peice includes a film four opening we were able to aquire , we decided to add this in to add the independent film edge we were looking for even more so to our peice , as well as this we decided it suited our peice well and backs up the ideas we had for where our finished film would be shown.

We have also now placed titles , this took alot of thought but we feel our final results suit our peice very well , completion of our peice should be very soon.

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