Thursday, 29 March 2012

Main Task - Sound

Often in horror film's music is featured to add to the mood that the makers wish to portray , now we are in the editing process we have looked alot into the different types of sound we would like to add to our peice.

At first we had planned to feauture Non Diegetic music during our opening shots of the woodland scenes to create that horror like feel , we have decided to stick to this but the idea in which we wished to use music as diegetic sound to be overlayed in our scenes in the car was scrapped as we didn't feel like the different sounds would slow fluidly and it would not add anything to our peice.

We searched for a long time for suitable music for our opening montage style scenes and in the end decided upon this peice which is an instrumental of a song by Nine Inch Nails entitled "hurt".
This peice of music is not too dramatic to make our filming seem amatuer and instead creates a good mood "spooky" mood which is the main aim we wanted to achieve.

In order to add more sound into our peice we decided upon also adding in non diegetic sound to the scene in which Harry's phone is dropped to once again create that mood of unease.

In terms of diegetic sound we added a  sound effect to add emphasis to the point when Harry creeps up on the girls to scare them , this add's a "jumpy" point to our opening and we are all very happy with it.

Also we decided to film an ending shot in which a hand is shown holding Harry's missing phone at the end of our opening in order to bring it to more of a cliffhanger edge from which the film could continue; we added music to this part as well to carry on that feeling of utter unease and wonder.

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